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Human beings are in a perpetual state of development, and healthy development occurs when approach and exploration outpaces avoidance and withdrawal. There are fundamental, essential ingredients that are biologically required for healthy human development throughout an individual’s lifespan.  One is novelty, a new challenge or experience, something that you’ve never done before.  A second is proximity to an “experienced other” who provides support, reassurance, and who helps you navigate the adversity, failure, or distress inherent in doing something for the first time.  

Through Pursuit Executive Coaching, I provide informed support for teams, organizations, and executive leaders to maximize their developmental potential. Using evidence-based strategies and clear, actionable teaching, I help leaders within healthcare and business contexts develop into stronger leaders, better communicators, and trusted teammates.

My approach to executive coaching is informed by years of training and education in human development. This unique combination of experiences and expertise together provide a perspective that is relevant and impactful for individuals, no matter the context in which they work.

I engage in executive coaching through three primary lenses:

• The individual
• The individual embedded in the organization or system
• The dynamics between that individual and the organization or system in which they’re embedded

By framing growth in this manner, I help individuals and organizations uncover new avenues for development that otherwise might be overlooked.  Via my coaching, I can ensure that you, your team, or your organization continue the approach and exploration of novelty required for development and transformational change. 

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