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Mental Health and Wellness Expert

Given his rare education, training, and experience, Dr. Loper has a unique expertise that informs his deep sense of responsibility to be an active advocate for mental health and wellness. He is a featured expert for Medscape and MDedge, and his commentary has been featured in numerous national print outlets and TV, radio, and online media outlets.

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Managing Stress and Improving Mental Health

Managing stress and bolstering your mood are crucial to remaining engaged in the relentless pursuit of your theoretical limits. In the media below, Dr. Loper shares helpful strategies for managing stress so that you can use it to support your adaptation and development, and tips for improving your mood so that you remain engaged in your process.

Identifying and Preventing Burnout

While movement practices, mindfulness and meditation, good sleep, and a healthy diet are crucial to wellbeing, burnout is not due to a deficiency in individual self-care, but is rather an organizational phenomenon that is a direct reflection of an unhealthy or dysfunctional work environment. In the media below, Dr. Loper defines burnout, discusses how to distinguish it from other work stress, and explains what leaders can do to ensure a healthy work environment that is resistant to employee burnout. 

Relationships and Family Mental Health

Humans are kinetic dynamic beings who, from birth to death, are in a constant state of development. The rate-limiting factor for healthy human development, defined simply as engagement in your process instead of avoidance, withdrawal or acting out, is  relationships with friends, family, and loved ones. In the media below, Dr. Loper highlights the importance of relationships, discusses strategies for spending "sacred time" with family, describes how technology can promote isolation, and provides strategies for supporting the mental health of loved ones. 


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Parenting to Support Mental Health and Wellness

Relationships are the most crucial factor in overall health and wellbeing, and the template by which we relate to others throughout life is set during our childhood via our relationships with our parents. The world is exponentially more complex, and parenting is more critical (and perhaps more difficult) now than ever.  In the media below, Dr. Loper provides tips for modern day parenting, strategies to support your child's wellbeing at school, and activities to support your child's mental health.  He also addresses the unfortunate reality of how to discuss community tragedies with your child, red flags that might indicate your child is suffering from a mental health problem, and the responsibility of schools and the community  to support child and adolescent mental health.